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A monarch emerging from its cocoon. Via Carissa Braun
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batman: come over

me: i’m busy

batman: my parents aren’t home



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Why would you intentionally eat olives like what in the fuck? are you okay? is someone forcing you to do this? You need me to call the police let me know so we can help you

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The person I reblogged this from has a quality blog and I recommend you all follow them

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I’m trying to prove a point that there is a fan base for a solo Black Widow movie. Please reblog if you’d watch it.

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I don’t care if Mike Brown was going to college soon. This should not matter. We should not have to prove Mike Brown was worthy of living. We should not have to account for the ways in which he is suitably respectable. We should not have to prove that his body did not deserve to be riddled with bullets. His community should not have to silence their anger so they won’t be accused of rioting, so they won’t become targets too.
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